Wednesday, December 14, 2011


I, like many others, have a GPS system which I have decided I probably can't live without.  I also get Pediatrics, as one of my many journals.  What does one have to do with the other?  To fill white space, WVR, MD aften prints paragraphs about -- well, just about anything.  One of this month's was entitled, "The Female Voice."  He went on to describe how most computer generated voices, such as that in your GPS or like Siri in the new iPhone, are all female voices.  Why?  Because according to an aritcle in (October 21), most people find women's voices more attractive than men's.  And in popular culture, computers that are helpful or subservient tend to be female....such as the computer on Star Trek.  He goes on to say that he has yet to meet a driver here in the U.S. that has a device with a male voice.

Well, WVR, here I am.  I have Nigel, a British sounding, and very male voice.  I think his original name was Tim -- probably one of the reasons I chose him.  I like the British accent (though he and Ken, his Aussie counterpart sound exactly alike to me).  Perhaps Josh, our pastor at CCiW could tell me what part of England he comes from -- I don't think Yorkshire...he sounds rather bland for that.

None the less, I have Nigel.  "In 800 yards take the exit right, then take the motorway."  Thanks, Nigel, I will. 

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