Monday, October 10, 2011

To Florida and Back Again

Hard to believe my trip to Florida has come and gone.  It was wonderful visiting with Jill and the GrandAwards.  I'm pretty sure 3 is just about the most delightful age.  I'm devastated that some of my pictures (many of my pictures....) turned out blurry.  Bummer.

We ate dinner at Joe's Crab Shack on Wednesday night because Deven was up to 80 books in his 100 book challenge.  He needs to read 100 books by the end of second grade, and by the time I left on Sunday,  was up to 96.  I think a second 100 book challenge is in order ... also slightly harder books ...

We went shopping (of course).  Miramar Outlets in Bonita Springs is wonderful, and I love Ann Taylor.  Am almost persuaded that I can now swap out the summer and winter clothes -- a job I dread on a bi-annual basis.  Yuk.  Deven was more than happy to be spared the shopping chore!  Laura seems to love it -- and people at Ann Taylor remembered her.  Jill thinks perhaps she's been there one too many times!

We had dinner on the beach on Friday night, though it was a tad chilly.  The clouds were up and about, but it was still nice.

I had to go to the delightful little store, "Exquisites" because that is exactly what it is -- got a new Vera purse that will hold both the Kindle and the iPad. 

Saturday night Jill hosted her "life group" from Vanderbilt Presby Church -- great food and fellowship.  Loved meeting some of her closest friends.

All too soon it was over -- and home again.  But -- in my bag was a letter from Deven that he had written totally spontaneously:

"hi grame  this is Deven A i'm goingto miss you becus you are going to Chcago  i hope you get snow so we can go in the snow  i love you grame il come back soon i love you."

I love you too, Deven.


  1. So precious...and the pics that made it are wonderful!! Blessings upon blessings. :O)

  2. Precious was the word I wanted to use to describe Deven's letter! So cute! And I agree- the pictures complete this post. Deven and Laura are beautiful!

  3. I'm ready for another post... :o)